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New form of malware could permanently infect a phone

New form of malware could permanently infect a phone | Computers and Electronics Stores |

If there was ever a reason to invest in security software, it may come from a new type of malware that once infected never leaves your phone, and can’t be removed until you go get a new one.

Here’s a security issue that could scare any phone owner into buying internet security software pronto, particularly those people in the Android ecosystem who might be doing a bit of a dodge and looking for apps outside of the Google Play Store.

Security company Lookout has recently put up information on a new type of malware that borders on terrifying for phone owners, with the virus not only able to hack into your phone and gain ownership “root” access, but also make it impossible to remove the security exploit once installed. That means a virus-free phone could be impossible unless a new phone is purchased once this virus takes over your device.

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Smaller switches and breakers with Mott MIT-based power interruption technology

Smaller switches and breakers with Mott MIT-based power interruption technology | Computers and Electronics Stores |

RESEARCHERS in South Korea have developed a power interruption technology based on a Mott metal-insulator transition (Mott MIT) device. 

Mott MIT materials convert abruptly between the insulator and conductive metal stages without the structural phase transition. This development could reduce the size and enhance the performance of traditional electromagnetic switches and circuit breakers.

The research team was led by Dr Hyun-Tak Kim of Korea's Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute. The research team had previously developed a Mott MIT critical temperature switch (CTS), which generates a control current (or signal) at temperatures between 67 degrees Celsius and 85 degrees Celsius.

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Android Marshmallow Vs Lollipop: 5 Features Only The New OS Can Do

Android Marshmallow Vs Lollipop: 5 Features Only The New OS Can Do | Computers and Electronics Stores |

Excited on the upcoming launch of Android’s newest version? Here are five features that are only available to Android Marshmallow.

When you purchased the new Nexus 6P or updating any supported smartphones. You might be wondering what magic the Android Marshmallow can show to us. We picked up five cool features that is only available for the latest Android version that would not be seeing in older versions like the Android Lollipop. So read on and find that are these five unique features.

Google Now on Tap

You can active Google Now on Tap by long-pressing the Home button. Google Now on Tap basically tries to understand the context on your emails and messages that can provide you with nifty information, for example you received a place reference, with Google Now on Tap, you can get navigation directions and even a link to its Street View for a more detailed information, or you received a message about a movie, you can get movie trailer links, IMCB link or even a Wikipedia entry.

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Intel launches 6th-gen 'Skylake' processors

Intel launches 6th-gen 'Skylake' processors | Computers and Electronics Stores |

A new mobile range and improved 4K performance is the outcome of Intel's 6th-generation processor launch.

Major manufacturers such as Asus, Dell and Toshiba have launched their latest computers powered by Intel's brand new 6th-generation processors (aka Skylake) in Australia. Upcoming models were showcased at an Intel event at the Sydney Opera House, which showed most taking advantage of Intel's new smaller, thinner, faster processors to cram as much power, speed and efficiency into the smallest possible package.

As well as the expected performance upgrades and extended battery life, the 6th-gen processor brings some notable improvements to graphics performance of the main chip. In practical terms, this means better looking games and greater support for 4K on smaller systems.

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Supercomputer comes close to human brain.

Supercomputer comes close to human brain. | Computers and Electronics Stores |

If you want to simulate a brain, by using a computer, the new IBM computer is the closest you will get. The only thing is, this super computer is still 1500 times slower than your own brain.

A computer needs so much power to even get a slight piece of the brains speed. It is astounding what the human mind is capable of, even your reactions are astounding. For example: seeing a ball coming toward you, your automatic reaction is to catch it. The fact is to program this into a computer, to do all of those things is a very complex process of calculations and responses. This project is set up to create a computer that can simulate vision, and take action in response to stimuli and memory.

Top4's insight:

this article will give you an insight in how complicated and a powerful piece of technology your own brain is. You probably barely thought about that, have you?

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Logitech on a roll?

Logitech on a roll? | Computers and Electronics Stores |

Logitech is about to show the results that are made in the first quarter. The main results that are give are the fiscal results. The release date of the results is set on 22nd of July.

Logitech is a leading supplier of computer equipment, they delivered a positive surprise to everyone with their last quarter results.

Encouragingly, Logitech currently holds a record over the past few quarters. The company kept beating the estimates in four quarters. The median lays somewhere at 101,39% of earnings surprise.

now it is time to see how things are pulling together for this announcement.

Top4's insight:

Logitech is probably one of the best known computer equipment manufacturers there is. They have an excellent market position and with their release of new items, they secure this position.

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USB 3.1 set to reach desktops

USB 3.1 set to reach desktops | Computers and Electronics Stores |

The emerging USB 3.1 standard is set to reach desktops as hardware companies release motherboards with ports that can transfer data two times faster than the previous USB technology.

MSI on Wednesday announced a 970A SLI Krait motherboard that will support the AMD processors and the USB 3.1 protocol. Motherboards with USB 3.1 ports have also been released by Gigabyte, ASRock and Asus, but those boards support Intel chips.

USB 3.1 can shuffle data between a host device and peripheral at 10Gbps (bits per second), which is two times faster than USB 3.0. USB 3.1 is also generating excitement for the reversible Type-C cable, which is the same on both ends so users don't have to worry about plug orientation.

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Trojanized Android apps flood third-party stores, compromise phones

Trojanized Android apps flood third-party stores, compromise phones | Computers and Electronics Stores |

Malicious copies of the most popular Android apps are used to install persistent adware. Attackers are creating rogue versions of popular Android applications that compromise the security of devices and are extremely hard to remove.

Researchers from mobile security firm Lookout have found more than 20,000 samples of such trojanized apps. They're typically fully functional copies of top Android applications like Candy Crush, Facebook, Google Now, NYTimes, Okta, SnapChat, Twitter or WhatsApp, but with malicious code added to them.

The goal of these rogue apps is to aggressively display advertisements on devices. A scary development though is that, unlike traditional adware, they root the devices where they get installed in order to prevent users from removing them.

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Windows 10 makes gains on desktop computers, but just a little

Windows 10 makes gains on desktop computers, but just a little | Computers and Electronics Stores |

The new operating system software inches up in October following its initial surge in August, according to Web tracker NetMarketShare. Microsoft's Windows 10 is gaining traction, but at a snail's pace.

The newest flavor of Windows captured a 7.94 percent share of all Web traffic generated by desktop operating systems in October, according to NetMarketShare. But growth has been decelerating since the opening 5.21 percent seen in August.

The slower uptake in Windows 10 adoption over the past two months comes as Microsoft needs to prove to consumers it can still make a compelling and user-friendly operating system after the flop of Windows 8. Many consumers hesitated upgrading to Windows 8, leading Microsoft to offer Windows 10 for free for Windows 7 and 8.1 users for the first year.

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Protect yourself from losing data!

Protect yourself from losing data! | Computers and Electronics Stores |

a backup system is something that nowadays is seen as something that is required. It prevents you losing valuable work data, or the pictures of your kids first steps. Making a back up is done in just a few steps, you would think everyone does it, on the contrary, still a lot of people don't use back up services.

The way we sync our phones to the data clouds that are provided by Google and Apple, so that our lives don't fall apart every time a device "decides" to take a dive in the toilet. But most of us do not put these "holy" devices in place.

It only takes a little bit of preventive medicine to make sure your laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone can be restored if something happens to it. This article will give you a few tips on how to make a back up and what is the best to use.

Top4's insight:

A crashing computer, or even a stolen one is never something to celebrate. Especially if your valuable work data is on it. Luckily nowadays technology provides a solution. A back-up. It is so easy, but still a lot of people don't use it. Why?

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Learn your kid to become a successful coder.

Learn your kid to become a successful coder. | Computers and Electronics Stores |

KIBO is the name of the product. The purpose of the design is for those aged four to seven. Instead of arranging, as programmers used to do their business. Arrange a set of constants, variables and expressions, all written in something that looks like Hieroglyphs. To successfully transform into plain "English".

Now for a KIBO programmer the process is different. a KIBO arranges wooden blocks that carry certain symbols. These symbols tell a plastic robot what he has to do. A straight arrow means "move ahead". A curved arrow means "turn left or right", depends on where the arrow is pointing to. Two semicircular arrows pointing towards each others tails means "perform the previous instruction again" This arrow is very important, while it train neophytes, to increase recursion.

Top4's insight:

If you want your kid to learn to develop software, like the great names Zuckerberg or Gates. This toy might actually be something for them. It is entertaining and they can actually gain programmer knowledge.

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